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Jon 1 hour ago

This is an unbelievable level of technology available for this price. I have crashed it many times so far with no ill effects. Those that are complaining about how fragile it is I just can't imagine what they did to break it. Having said that if you do break something it is all very easy to replace. I have already taken apart and put back together several of the sub systems and I am quite impressed. This is probably not a toy for the under 13 set as you not only have to entrust them with the ' coptor but also an iPhone or iPad. But this is a great father and son/daughter project to work on. Especially if you decide to invest some time in the SDK and explore the possibilities.

Warren Harris 1 hour ago

This is more fun than a barrel of ferrets. Great design and entertainment for hours. It's a little noisy and you should NOT use this indoors unless you want a lot of broken glassware. -- If you have a gymnasium to yourself, you're probably OK.

This is a great product and a lot of fun!

Nick 1 hour ago

Outstanding gadget. Operates smoothly as observed on YouTube videos. Very tech-cool! Operate in uncluttered space with a flat surface when learning to fly. Absolute fun!

Patricia 1 hour ago

Fast shipping
Excellent product!

 Anthony1 hour ago

This is probably the best product I've ever spent my money on! The way this machine flys and stabilizes itself makes it the most easy to fly aircraft! I never get bored of it. There's nothing else like it! Trust me ..

 James2 hour ago

Great item, plenty of hours of fun. Takes some time getting used to using it but I picked it up quickly and am LOVING it!!!


Dan 2 hour ago

I'm an engineer from a large aerospace company. There is a group of engineers working on similar products and I demonstrated the parrot drone for them. They were quite impressed. This is more than a toy but it's also just fun to play with. I would venture to say that you could easily spend far more for something with far less capability. I gave the instructions a neutral rating because it's a bit hard to understand but ease of use makes up for that.

Issac 2 hours ago

It's just great! I like it very much. The most easy to control helicopter I've ever played. It's an Innovative Toy for both kids and adults.

Bernardo 2 hours ago

Muchas gracias a ustedes eh podido adquirir es producto de excelente calidad la cual me ah servido de mucho en la actividad que le eh puesto a emplearse . Gracias

Raul 3 hours ago

Yes it's very cool, finaly a high tech flying gadget that can be operated easily at your living room, exciting the family and your guests.
Reccommanded !!!!!

Uri 3 hours ago

This quadricopter is the best real video game two in one becose you should play indoor or out door whit this. Is amazing watching to flight , the people enjoy watch it would cant believe it

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